Next Big Adventure: The Meaford Move

Long day yesterday (Oct 1st) and filled with mixed emotions for our big move to Meaford. This is one of biggest adventures yet! Bittersweet... Cloudy skies with shades of grey followed us during the entire drive. Chris led the way, pulling the boats. I followed, filled with bare essentials. Lots of solo time to reflect. A lot has happened in the 9 years when I first moved to Toronto, being a transplant from Vancouver. Never did I think I'd still be here!

But then I found Port Credit in 2008. Another chapter of a new 'home', new friends to cherish forever. This is not a goodbye - just pure unadulterated gratitude. A tad sad to leave but always game to new adventures, I couldn't help but wonder if this move was too big of a leap.

The magic of Meaford and South Georgian Bay.

Then, as if on cue as we crested the last hill, breaking through the grey and gloomy skies, the sun peeked out! Almost started crying, more out of relief, not grief.

The timing of this magical view gave me a sense of peace that this was - is - meant to be. All of it. Past and present. I love these signs.

Sunshine, fall colours and south Georgian Bay - thank you for showing me the way 'home'.